By Kevin Moore

In this video presentation from SLAS 2016, Joe Zer, an Associate Scientist at Dart NeuroScience, working in a CMG lab that handles over 1000 compounds a week from different sources, explains in detail why his company started using Fluent®.


Dart has been using the Fluent 1080 since June 2015, mainly in the plating process, and Joe works with a MultiChannel Arm™ (MCA) with 384 channels and two adapters. In his entertaining and informative presentation from SLAS2016, Joe explains Dart’s journey to purchasing a Fluent when the company was “looking for something special” as he puts it.

He goes on to show how the Fluent, with its flexibility, capacity and easily programmable software has tripled production in the lab and made the machine Dart’s “workhorse for the plating process”.

For very good reasons, as you’ll find out, Joe is a fan of Fluent – he describes it as “really really cool” – and his enthusiasm for the machine is absolutely contagious. As you’ll see. 



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Kevin Moore

Kevin Moore

Kevin Moore is Head of Markets and Applications based out of Tecan’s head office in Männedorf, Switzerland. He heads the team tasked with bringing both products and application for the liquid handling to the market. Prior to joining Tecan in 2007, he was head of Compound Management and Technology project manager for the Neuroscience Research Centre of Merck & Co in the UK, where he worked for Merck for 20 years.