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Powering Next Generation Genomics

Spatial genomics is a rapidly growing field, allowing researchers to explore gene expression in the context of tissue location. Vizgen has developed the MERSCOPE® Platform, the first commercial high multiplexing, high resolution in situ solution to combine single-cell and spatial genomics analysis. Powered by MERFISH technology, this system not only enables the visualization of gene expression, but also where – and to what abundance – genes are expressed in tissues.

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Pumping a way for effective gas emission monitoring

Continuous emission monitoring systems that detect gases or particulate matter concentrations are important in various industrial settings, where they are used to ensure that potential sources of pollutants comply with environmental regulations. Inspire Analytical Systems (IAS) is a German manufacturer of calibration gas generators for analyzers and sensors that offer highly precise and continuous monitoring of gas emissions.

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Easing the burden of flow cytometry sample preparation

Flow cytometry (FCM) is a powerful analytical tool with applications spanning a variety of disciplines. Sample preparation prior to cytometry, however, is traditionally slow and prone to human error, which can drain precious time and resources from laboratories already under constant pressures. Sysmex has developed a unique automation solution to rapidly accelerate sample preparation for FCM applications – heightening efficiency and flexibility to ease the strain on laboratory professionals.

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