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Dramatically increasing throughput and efficiency of SPR analysis to accelerate drug discovery

Surface plasmon resonance biosensors have become the go-to technology for drug discovery in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, offering label-free, real-time measurements that characterize the interactions of nearly any molecular system. Carterra is a leader in high throughput biology solutions, and the company’s LSA® platform combines patented microfluidics technology with real-time high throughput surface plasmon resonance to enable 100 times higher throughput for monoclonal antibody screening and characterization.

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Building capabilities in optical genome mapping – going beyond next-generation sequencing

Large structural variations in the genome are responsible for many diseases and conditions, including cancers and developmental disorders. Gene changes – including insertions or deletions, translocations, inversions and duplications – can lead to alterations in how and when a gene is expressed, impacting on a wide range of in vivo processes. Bionano has developed an optical genome mapping platform offering high speed, high throughput whole genome mapping to support genomic research into human disease.

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Partnering for progress in oncology

Tecan recently teamed up with Nature Medicine to host a symposium on the latest ground-breaking research into cancer diagnosis and treatment, from novel biomarkers to personalized vaccines and cell-based therapies. A select group of industry leaders and key experts in oncology came together for a two-day event in Boston, Massachusetts, to accelerate research and clinical discoveries through better partnering between industry and academia. This summit highlighted Tecan’s dedication to assembling leaders in cancer – along with technologists, vendors and solutions providers – so they can share knowledge and expertise, and work collaboratively to battle cancer.

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Pumping a way for effective gas emission monitoring

Continuous emission monitoring systems that detect gases or particulate matter concentrations are important in various industrial settings, where they are used to ensure that potential sources of pollutants comply with environmental regulations. Inspire Analytical Systems (IAS) is a German manufacturer of calibration gas generators for analyzers and sensors that offer highly precise and continuous monitoring of gas emissions.

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Tecan acquires medical device specialist Paramit

Paramit Corporation is the latest company to join the Tecan Group, bringing with it a wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as a fresh perspective to engineering and manufacturing, that will resonate throughout the whole organization. Paramit was acquired in August 2021, heralding a unique opportunity to combine the expertise of both companies and provide high quality solutions to the life sciences, in vitro diagnostics and medical device markets.

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Easing the burden of flow cytometry sample preparation

Flow cytometry (FCM) is a powerful analytical tool with applications spanning a variety of disciplines. Sample preparation prior to cytometry, however, is traditionally slow and prone to human error, which can drain precious time and resources from laboratories already under constant pressures. Sysmex has developed a unique automation solution to rapidly accelerate sample preparation for FCM applications – heightening efficiency and flexibility to ease the strain on laboratory professionals.

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An alternative approach to prenatal testing

Genetic screening is used during pregnancy to look for hereditary conditions due to a chromosomal abnormality – such as Down’s syndrome – or changes in the DNA sequences, and typically involves an invasive amniocentesis procedure. Yourgene Health, an international molecular diagnostics group, has developed an automated, non-invasive alternative, for more accurate and safer prenatal screening.

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