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Don’t miss a beat with live cell imaging

US-based company zPREDICTA™ has created a novel 3D technology that reconstructs physiologically-relevant and organ-specific human microenvironments for drug discovery and development. High throughput cell imaging and real-time cytometry of these 3D cultures can give a day-by-day account of cellular behavior and modulations of various immune cell populations to evaluate the efficacy of anticancer drugs.

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Driving the development of novel 3D cell-based assays

3D cell culture is an area of great interest in the drug development industry, as 3D models give a more accurate representation of how cells act in response to compounds in vivo. Merck’s Cellular Pharmacology Department specializes in the use of spheroid cell cultures to test various conditions and compounds of interest, and identify candidate drugs. Automation plays a vital role in this process, enabling high throughput screening of cell-based assays.

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Developing novel influenza inhibitors

The VirPath laboratory is focused on the study of influenza and other respiratory viruses to identify new antiviral molecules and develop innovative vaccines. Digital dispensing and luminescence-based assays play an important role in the evaluation of viral growth in different experimental models.

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