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Don’t miss a beat with live cell imaging

US-based company zPREDICTA™ has created a novel 3D technology that reconstructs physiologically-relevant and organ-specific human microenvironments for drug discovery and development. High throughput cell imaging and real-time cytometry of these 3D cultures can give a day-by-day account of cellular behavior and modulations of various immune cell populations to evaluate the efficacy of anticancer drugs.

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Fluorescence imaging shines a light on systems biology

Chromosomal tagging using advanced fluorescent labeling techniques can help us to understand cells at a systemic level. Researchers in Germany have developed a universal approach for CRISPR-Cas12a-assisted PCR tagging of mammalian genes, using scalable live cell imaging to optimize their methods.

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An astonishing screening cpacitiy for kinetic studies

The Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology (WTCCB), University of Edinburgh, UK, relies on Tecan's versatile range of microplate readers for kinetic studies to increase understanding of living systems at the molecular level.

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Getting under the skin of stem cells

Infinite® 200 microplate reader and NanoQuant™ have been used for the characterization of a newly isolated population of skin stem cells in mice

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