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Selected issue: 1/2009

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Signaling success

The brand new facility at Yale University, the Center for High Throughput Cell Biology uses Tecan products

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Getting under the skin of stem cells

Infinite® 200 microplate reader and NanoQuant™ have been used for the characterization of a newly isolated population of skin stem cells in mice

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Automation accelerates crop improvement

Stepping up the pace for crop breeding projects

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MicroRNA expression profiling of carcinomas of unknown origin

Tecan’s HS Pro series enables full automation of microarray hybridization experiments with minimal handling of solutions and slides

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Efficient drug research and development with the Freedom EVO® 75

Toa Eiyo in Japan has chosen Tecan to achieve a greater efficiency by automating its sample preparation steps

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How stressed are you?

Tecan liquid handling platform is used to automate analysis of cortisol an lgA in their investigation into the relationship between different types of stress and the immune response

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Meeting the demands of ever-changing liquid handling workflows

Merck works with several Tecan Products for the development of vaccines and biological products

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Accuracy to the nth degree

Researchers are relying on a Freedom EVO® 150 for the development of a new technology for single molecule detection

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Service laboratory benefits from Tecan’s support

The reliability of Freedom EVO® workstations, supported by Tecan’s excellent customer service, copes easily with high throughput liquid handling for various research projects

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Consolidating our organization for customers

A new structure will help to respond faster, in a more flexible way, to our customers and the market in general

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Investing in success

Tecan is investing in focused training for regional service managers

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China and Asia Pacific operations expanded

Tecan has opened its new Asia Pacific region headquarters, based in the heart of Shanghai’s pharmaceutical and life science center

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The power is in your hands with Freedom EVOware®

The software makes it easier than ever to control pipetting and scheduling operations of Freedom EVO® liquid handling platforms

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TILLING in Dresden: large-scale detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms

TILLING (Targeting Induced Local Lesion IN Genomes), a powerful reverse genetics tool, was developed to identify single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) in mutagenized individuals by PCR amplification of a gene of interest from each individual, followed by SNP detection.

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