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Selected issue: 2/2016

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A 3D revolution

A novel 3D cell culture platform is enabling scientists to generate microtissues that closely mimic the behavior of human tissues from virtually any cell type. This proprietary technology is easily automated, offering speed and versatility, combined with consistency and reproducibility, for high throughput applications.

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Automation – an extension of the analyst

Reputation and accreditation are essential for clinical reference laboratories, helping to win new business and ensure a steady flow of work from existing customer labs. With diagnostic testing demands increasing year-on-year, Carpermor continually invests in cutting-edge assays and state-of-the-art laboratory automation to maintain the quality and efficiency of its services.

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Miniaturizing separation science

The development and characterization of new chromatography media is both complex and time consuming. At Merck KGaA in Darmstadt, Germany, the implementation of automated miniature column chromatography protocols has helped to improve throughput and reduce the amount of material required, allowing more measurements to be performed in less time.

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A modern elixir of life

Scientists at Tokyo University of Technology are searching for foodstuffs that can slow the aging process. Focusing on mitochondrial regulation, researchers from the university’s School of Bioscience and Biotechnology are using cell-based assays to help identify food components with anti-aging properties.

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Consistency for a changing market

PerkinElmer Healthcare Diagnostics (Shanghai) Co develops and manufactures instruments for the processing and analysis of clinical samples in hospital laboratories across China. A pioneer of time-resolved fluorescence techniques in this market, the company prides itself on creating cutting-edge automated solutions to address unmet needs in infectious disease diagnostics.

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A more powerful approach to biomarker

SomaLogic is using its unique proteomics technology – the SOMAscan® assay – to help identify new biomarkers for a wide range of disease states. Capable of simultaneously measuring thousands of proteins in low volume biological samples, this technique is ideal for the detection of low abundance proteins, perfectly complementing existing technologies for basic science, biomarker discovery and pharmaceutical research.

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Building functionality into the antibody supply chain

The Monash Antibody Technologies Facility (MATF) in Victoria, Australia, has added a new dimension to its high throughput service, off ering screening for antibody functionality. This time-consuming phase is crucial for many projects, and can now be outsourced to MATF, where comprehensive and fl exible automation completes testing in a fraction of the time.

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Futureproofing biobanking procedures

The Heidelberg CardioBiobank – part of Heidelberg University Hospital – collects thousands of patient samples every year for cryostorage and use in national and European medical research projects.

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In safe hands

Ongoing technical support and training can be a major concern for laboratory instrument providers looking to outsource development of new platforms.

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Igniting research on the open seas

Fluorescence measurements are helping a microbial ecologist to investigate the undersea environment, studying microbial enzyme hydrolysis in subseafl oor rocks, and how microbes respond to oil spills.

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Seeing more clearly

Degenerative eye diseases affect millions of people around the world, causing progressive loss of vision and, in some cases, complete blindness. Researchers in Australia are using stem cell technologies to investigate ways of halting, or even reversing, the effects of common eye diseases.

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Epigenetics – adding a new layer to health

Do you feel overwhelmed with advice on what to eat and drink, or how to exercise to improve and protect your health? Pregnant women in particular are advised not to expose their developing child to alcohol, pollutants and stress.

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Detecting tumor ‘castaways’ could revolutionize cancer diagnosis

We may well be on the threshold of a new hope for oncology. An exciting form of analysis is poised to have a profound effect on how we manage cancer patients – in diagnostics, prognostics and drug monitoring.

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