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Tecan Journal

Selected issue: 3/2013

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Boosting capacity for veterinary testing

The Veterinary Laboratory for the Pennsylvania department of Agriculture, USA, uses a Freedom EVO® 150 workstation to test for Johne’s disease, a contagious, chronic and potentially fatal paratuberculosis infection of the small intestine in tuminants.

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A turnkey solution for forensic identification

Genia Geo has chosen Tecan’s HID EVOlution™ system as part of its comprehensive forensic identification services for governments around the world. This one-stop solution encompasses everything from designing and building laboratories to training crime scene investigators and judges, and revolves around Tecan and Life Technologies’ fully validated, walkaway set-up for robust genetic identification.

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New possibilities for biological surfaces reseach

Two Freedom EVO® 200 workstations are helping researchers at McMaster University’s Biointerfaces Institute to investigate novel biomaterials and biointerfaces. The Institute’s high throughput, multi-faceted approach is borrowed from the pharmaceutical industry, and relies on the flexibility and modularity of its Tecan workstations.

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Novartis embraces full automation

Basel-based Novartis Pharma AG has completed a year-long collaboration with the Tecan Integration Group, developing a fully automated Freedom EVO®-based system for antibody formulation screening.

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Removing the constraints of manual dose-response assays

The Stanford genome Technology Center has invested in an HP D300 Digital Dispenser to study the effects of small molecule chemical inhibitors in yeast, enabling more experiments to be carried out more easily, and in less time.

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Boosting drug discovery with efficient transfection technology

The Life Sciences laboratory of the Central Research Institute at Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha Ltd has used Tecan’s Freedom EVO® 200 workstation to develop a successful automated protocol for efficient siRNA transfection, paving the way for efficient high throughput screening of small RNA libraries.

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Enhancing clinical diagnostics

Turkish company Zivak Technologies develops analytical kits and instrumentation for use in the food, healthcare and environmental sectors, and relies on Tecan’s Cavro® Omni Robot for its automated HPLC and LC-MCMS systems.

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Pushing back boundaries with ultra-low volume pipetting

The Novartis Animal Health Research Center has invested in an automated compound logistics system to aid drug discovery, taking advantage of the exceptional pipetting capabilities of the MultiChannel Arm™ 384.

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Automation helps to improve in situ hybridization protocols

The pathology laboratory at Shanghai’s Changhai Hospital has successfully evaluated Tecan’s HS 400™ PRO hybridization station for the analysis of breast and lung cancers.

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Tecan Academy offers web-based training for new users

The recently launched Tecan Academy is already proving a valuable learning tool for Tecan customers in North America, helping to provide an overview of the capabilities of Tecan’s liquid handling systems and multimode readers.

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Meeting the high throughput demands of mass spectrometry sample preparation

Independent contract research organization ADPEN Laboratories specializes in residue analysis, and has invested in a Freedom EVO® 100 liquid handling platform for mass spectrometry sample preparation.

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