By Vince Ahlheit

Vince Ahlheit, Senior Application Scientist, Tecan, provides insight on the benefits of automation in the clinical laboratory.

Automation in the LC-MS laboratory.

Ahlheit describes benefits of automation in the LC-MS laboratory.

Specifically, he answers the question “what can automation do for me” by illustration of the impact that these solutions have every day ... showing how sample prep automation has overcome workflow bottlenecks in the clinical LC-MS lab. He presents tailored Freedom EVO® workstation solutions from Tecan including solid phase extraction (SPE), positive pressure SPE (ppSPE), and liquid-liquid extraction (LLE). Ahlheit goes on to describe the value of EVOware® software tailored for the clinical lab including sample tracking and the unique TouchTools graphic user interface.

Discover the benefits of automation in the LC-MS laboratory. Watch the video now.


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