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Selected issue: 1/2010

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New Active Worktable

The new Active Worktable option for the Freedom EVO® 100, 150 and 200 platforms, launching at Lab Automation 2010, offers benefits of extra process security, control and monitoring to research scientists.

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Next-generation Infinite® F50

New state-of-the-art ELISA microplate reader with latest LED technology.

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PowerScanner™ is the new flagship of Tecan's 'microarray suite' range

The PowerScanner is Tecan's open-format microarray scanner, designed for imaging of regular and high density microarrays of tissues, proteins and nucleic acids.

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New products and purity levels for MCA 96 disposable tips

Tecan has introduced new purity levels for the MCA 96 disposable tips, to satisfy a broader range of applications.

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New partnership with FortéBio for bioprocessing and drug discovery assays

Tecan and FortéBio have worked together to integrate the new FortéBio Octet® 384 platform on the Freedom EVO® workstation for automated real-time, label-free assays to support bioprocessing and drug discovery workflows. Tecan has collaborated with FortéBio to deliver a robust, off-the-shelf integration that allows the user to get the most out of the Octet 384, allowing increased walkaway time as well as optional liquid handling for assay plate set-up.

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A boost for sequencing workflows

Tecan has been working with Applied Biosystems, part of Life Technologies Corporation to develop an off-the-shelf system for automated bead washing, based on a Freedom EVO® 75 workstation equipped with a Te-MagS™ separation module.

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Tecan hits the road

Over the last few month, Tecan application specialists around the world have been organizing roadshows and seminars to discuss the benefits of laboratory automation with customers from the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and academic sectors.

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Tecan supports ELRIG sponsorship of 'TechnoBotts'

Tecan continues to encourage the growth of innovative technology through a donation to help European Laboratory Robotics Interest Group (ELRIG), at the ELRIG Drug Discovery conference, gold-sponsored by Tecan, in Liverpool, UK in September 2009. Tecan contributed to the sponsorship of a promising group of young automation specialists named TechnoBotts, a UK-based team of teenage robotics developers.

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Tecan to supply fully automated solution for Hologic Cervista® HPV tests

Tecan has made a global OEM agreement with Hologic, Inc., a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of premium diagnostics and surgical products for the healthcare needs of women, to supply a fully automated solution for Hologic’s Cervista molecular diagnostics human papillomavirus (HPV) tests.

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Automated protein purification for efficient vaccine development

Biochemists at the Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics Research Center in Siena, Italy, are processing vaccine candidates by automated purification of recombinant proteins form huge numbers of bacterial lysates on a Freedom EVO® platform, saving a lot of their time without compromising reproducibility, consistency or quality.

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A long-standing partnership with success

Inverness Medical has been using Tecan liquid handling systems to automate ELISA testing in Spain for over 15 years. The Company supplies Tecan instruments free of charge to hospitals and laboratories using its diagnostic kits and reagents, an agreement which has been benefiting its customers since 1990.

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HydroFlex™ offers a helping hand for automated bead washing

Scientists at Life Technologies' Dynal® facility in Oslo, Norway, are using Tecan's HydroFlex microplate washers in their R&D and QC departments for automated washing of Dynabeads® assays, reducing manual pipetting and improving consistency of results.

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Automated DNA preparation pushes forward evolutionary biology research

Reliable high throughput genotyping on the Tecan Freedom EVO® 200 platform has helped research in parenthood analysis and population genetics of the three-spined stickleback at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Plön, Germany.

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New tools of the trade

MedImmune in Maryland, USA, is using its Freedom EVO® platforms as general-purpose tools for simple and routine tasks, rather than specific projects. This 'tools' concept has greatly increased use of the systems, saving much development time.

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Plug and play electrophysiology

Fluxion Biosciences is using Tecan's Freedom EVO® platforms to offer high throughput solutions for patch clamping studies, based on its advanced Well Plate Microfluidics™ system.

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Infinite® offers the MIDAS touch

Avacta is combining physics and biology to develop innovative technologies for the pharmaceutical and clinical diagnostics markets, and its Infinite M200 microplate reader is playing a key role in its analytical services provision.

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Automation greatly speeds up protein production for X-ray diffraction experiments

ACEMBL is the first fully automatable pipeline for the production of multi-protein complexes, developed by researchers at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) on the Freedom EVO® platform from Tecan.

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The missing link for autoimmune disease

Researchers at McMaster University, Ontario, Canada, are developing protein microarrays for serum-based diagnostic testing. These microarrays, developed using a Tecan laser scanner, are able to combine autoimmunity, bacterial and viral antigens on a single array, and are helping researchers to investigate the link between infection and autoimmune disease.

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Fully automated ELISA testing in veterinary diagnostics

The Insitut Galli-Valerio in Lausanne, Switzerland, has chosen a Freedom EVO® platform to fully automate all ELISAs for the Swiss authorities' ambitious program to eradicate bovine virus diarrhea virus (BVDV), which can cause mucosal disease in cattle.

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