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Streamlining Workflows For Australia’s Largest Pathology Provider

Pathology is at the core of diagnostics, and obtaining reliable and timely results requires quick and accurate liquid handling. With laboratories often being pushed to their limits, automation can lend a helping hand and provide the ability to adapt to sudden workload increases. The R&D team at Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology is developing streamlined solutions to help its laboratories increase their throughput, and free up staff from tedious and error prone tasks. This includes creating new automation scripts to optimize existing diagnostics workflows, as well as designing new hardware to expand the range of pathology applications that are compatible with existing liquid handling platforms.

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Seeing is believing: harnessing the power of automation in single-cell genomics workflows

The prevalence of eye diseases is rising around the world and, for most of them, there are no effective therapies available. Disorders that impair vision – such as macular degeneration or glaucoma – are a leading cause of disability and loss of an independent lifestyle in aging populations. At the other end of the spectrum, myopia – or short-sightedness – is also on a steep incline, with up to 90 percent of teenagers being affected in some regions. Researchers in Basel are using various cutting-edge tools – including single-cell genomics – to understand the molecular mechanisms behind some of these diseases, with the aim of developing effective therapeutics.

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