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Why developing IVD automation software in-house backfires

By Andreas Schmitt

When you have a diagnostic lab instrument and want to make the move to automation, creating high-quality, reliable and intuitive robot control software that, optimizes throughput, provides process safeguards, and analyzes and presents results, is vital.

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Automation of DNA sample prep: best practice quantification and normalization for genomics

By Beatrice Marg-Haufe

One of the steps in DNA sample preparation that is often overlooked when moving from manual to automated methods, is the quantification and normalization of nucleic acid samples that are destined for downstream analysis in different techniques and applications such as genotyping and NGS.

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Five essential software questions to ask before buying a liquid handling instrument

By Hal Wehrenberg

All automation is controlled by software and understanding the differences between options can be complicated. Underestimating the impact of software may set back your budget or critical timelines.

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