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Selected category: Liquid Handling & Robotics

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Six questions to ask before choosing liquid handling robotic components for faster time to market

By Claudio Bui

When introducing a new product to the automated liquid handling market, getting there first with high quality and reliable hardware is vital to capturing and maintaining early market leadership. How can you gain that advantage when you have to balance requirements for customized high-performance robotics against an accelerated product launch?

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Buyers beware: software can make or break your success with automated liquid handling systems

By Jason Meredith

No matter how much you invest in a liquid handling automation system, it’s next to worthless without well-designed software. The hardware and robotics are certainly critical, but it is the software that can make a big difference in how easily you can program your system, tailor it to meet your needs, and track samples securely.

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Precision and accuracy – two pillars of data reliability

By Agnieszka Sitarska

The life science industry is constantly fighting to improve throughput and reduce costs through the ‘industrialization’ of research and development. You have to strike a balance between moving quickly (productivity) and ensuring that you are actually moving in the right direction (quality). Lab automation, including automated liquid handling, plays an essential role in ramping up productivity. Ensuring high quality liquid handling is therefore the key to securing the reliable data you need to meet your program goals.

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"Self aware" automation - SLAS 2016 presentation

By Hal Wehrenberg

What happens when the robots in your lab become self aware? Take a closer look at this issue and the possibilities by watching this presentation on self-aware automation from SLAS 2016. 

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