By Severin Heynen

As we have learned in previous posts in this series, only pipette tips marked ‘sterile’ are guaranteed with a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6. Pipette tips labeled as ‘Pre-sterile’ do not give such sterility assurances.

Sterile consumables from Tecan are designed for applications in cell biology, microbiology and cell-based screening. Here, we will look at the guaranteed quality of pipette tips from Tecan, and how we ensure the sterility of pipette tips is maintained, from our production site to your lab bench.

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Tecan delivers sterile tips to your lab bench

Independent testing certifies your lot

All batches of Tecan Sterile labelled disposable tips, are tested by an independent laboratory to ensure sterility. In addition, the absence of human DNA, RNase, DNase and endotoxins are also tested with Tecan Sterile labelled tips. You will find a certificate of conformity (CoC) in each shipment as evidence that our shipped tips conform to the claims that we make.

Proven sterility, from production and throughout the distribution chain

Our sterile products are guaranteed sterile all the way, from production, to delivery and finally usage at the customer up until the defined expiry date on the label. For example, our liquid handling disposable tips in the Tecan Sterile offering, are manufactured in a validated process, get sterilized and each manufacturing batch is tested to assure that each lot is sterile. This ensures that the Tecan Sterile tips give you the confidence in the results of your laboratory work.



About the author

Dr Severin Heynen

Dr Severin Heynen

Dr. Severin Heynen joined Tecan in 2015 as a product manager responsible for the disposable tip consumables. In his PhD studies at the University of Zurich, he mainly used biochemical and molecular biology techniques to study the mechanisms of retinal degenerative diseases.

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